Join Us in 2017 for Another Day of Sailor Moon Fun!

Our 2017 schedule is available here!

We’re having a pre-convention party! Join us at AKibA KiSSA Manga Café on Sunday, June 18th from 3pm to 10pm! This will be your last chance to buy tickets in person at pre-registration prices!

Our sixth voice actor guest of honour, John Stocker, was also the third voice director of the original English dub. He was one of the voices of Raye’s grandfather as well as various episodic and ancillary characters. But his true strength was in directing the cast in their endeavours as characters in Sailor Moon.

Our fifth voice actor guest of honour, Sugar Lyn Beard, is as sweet as her name. Her iconic voice came to be practically inseparable from Rini/Sailor Minimoon and we are thrilled to have her appearing for the first time at the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration.


Our fourth voice actor guest of honour is Susan Roman. Being part of the wacky, wonderful world of animation for most of her adult life has been a dream come true for Susan. Let’s be frank: some of her earlier efforts didn’t exactly light up the galaxy. But along the way, she worked on projects that have since become mainstream classics. She is probably best known as the voice of Sailor Jupiter in the original English dub of Sailor Moon.


Our third voice actor guest of honour, Jill Frappier, was the original voice of Luna for the entire run of the DiC and Cloverway dubs of Sailor Moon. She is an actor, storyteller, drama teacher “extraordinaire,” and has performed in well over 100 plays at major theatres in Toronto and across Canada, including the Shaw and Stratford Festivals. She also makes pottery, under the brand Jill’s Objets.


Our second voice actor guest of honour, Ron Rubin, is well known as the original voice of Artemis for the entire run of the DiC and Cloverway dubs of Sailor Moon. He is one of the busiest animation actors around and his voice can be heard on countless anime shows and cartoon series. For more about Ron, be sure to check out his website.


Our seventh cosplay guest of honour, GreyCosplay, is a Toronto based cosplayer who has been enjoying the art and the challenge of bringing his favourite characters to life for 4 years.  From anime and manga to video games and comics, Grey has dabbled in it all.


Our sixth cosplay guest this year is Phil Mizuno, an up and coming Canadian-native cosplayer who followed his heart and is pursuing his passion to empower others through positivity and creativity. Phil has been cosplaying for just over 2 years, and currently lives and creates his cosplays in Toronto, Ontario.


Joining us for a second year, Fan Fiction The Show will be entertaining you again with the hilarious antics of a Sailor Moon themed fan fiction comedy performance. The one hour performance will be rated PG so that all of our attendees can enjoy it!


Our first voice actor guest of honour is Loretta Jafelice! We are proud to announce this actress will be joining us for the first time in a rare convention appearance. She is best known for her roles of Eugeal of the Witches 5 and Diana, the celestial kitten from the future. She also voiced some monsters of the day.


Our singing guest of honour is Jennifer Cihi! We are proud to announce this talented singer will be joining us again as a guest of honour. She will be performing in the special ticket concert with SeraSymphony.


Our sixth and seventh announced guests are Yume and Kitsurie! Returning for a second year, these talented cosplayers started doing duo cosplays in 2012. Yume loves the sewing aspect of cosplay making, while Kitsurie enjoys prop making. Both are Sailor Moon fans!


Our fifth announced guest of honour is SeraSymphony! We are proud to announce this talented, fan-created live music tribute to the Japanese series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon will be showcased for the first time in Toronto with a special ticket concert. Conducted by Bobbie Lee Crow III, the orchestral concert features background music and image songs from the many adaptations of Naoko Takeuchi’s magical girl series.


Our third cosplay guest of honour (and fourth announced guest of honour) is Lee Scion! This talented cosplayer will be joining us for the first time to share her knowledge and talents with you. There may even be plushies! Check out her website for more pictures of her cosplays.


Our third Guest of Honour is Bear Sailor Moon, returning as our masquerade director and also a musical guest where he will be giving you a sneak peek at his upcoming debut show “Bear Sailor Moon Songbook” debuting in July 2017. Check out his Facebook page for more pictures of his cosplays and to keep up with appearances.


Our second Cosplay Guest of Honour is Jelly Cosplay! Returning for a second time, Jelly is a master level cosplayer who found her passion for cosplay in 2001. She has crafted over 70 cosplays, including Sailor Mercury, Queen Beryl, and NoFlutter’s version of Sailor Venus, and brandishes several awards under her belt. Check out her Facebook page for more pictures of her cosplays.


tsmc_guest_ammie_2017Our first Cosplay Guest of Honour is the lovely and talented Ammie Cosplay! Joining us for a third year, Ammie brings a wealth of cosplay knowledge and beautiful costumes. She has cosplayed many Sailor Moon characters including most of the Sailor Senshi and some of the female villains. Check out her deviantART gallery for more pictures of her cosplays.

Save the Moondate!

Special Announcement! We have adjusted the date of the next Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration to be closer to Sailor Moon’s birthday and accommodate the growing interest in our event. Our new date is Saturday, June 24th, 2017! We hope to see you at the Ontario Science Centre for another day of Sailor Moon fun and celebrate our third annual event!


More updates to come!

Returning for a third year of Sailor Moon fun, we are proud to announce that the next Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration will be Saturday, June 17th, 2017 at the Ontario Science Centre.