International Sailor Moon Day

International Sailor Moon Day was founded in 2015 by Lisa Terlato. In 2017, management has been handed over to Emily Gonsalves, the con chair of the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration.

International Sailor Moon day is a yearly celebration by fans of Sailor Moon. Organizers around the world try to run as many events as possibly on or near the chosen date for the year, to celebrate their love of Sailor Moon with fellow fans.

The official date for this year is Saturday, August 5th, 2017. Some events will be held earlier or later, depending on factors unique to each region.

The main purpose of International Sailor Moon Day is to celebrate the Sailor Moon franchise with other fans. This can range from online events, to casual meetups, or even conventions! All versions are welcome because the events are by fans, for fans.

International Sailor Moon Day Fan Run Events for 2017

North America

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If you would like to join the list of organizers for this year, please fill in the application form below. Please note that, if approved, you will need to create a Facebook event page for your event and clearly indicate that it is an International Sailor Moon Day event and specify your city.

Applications will be open until June 1st for 2017 events to be held in August! Approved events start being listed in March. If you are running an event at a later date, you must apply a minimum of 1-2 months in advance in order to receive approval. This is to ensure that you have adequate time for planning and promotion. Exceptions will only be made if you can supply adequate proof that you will be able to run your event and promote it to those who may be interested in attending.

If you can’t see or use the embedded form, please use this link to fill in your application.

International Sailor Moon Day Fan Run Events for 2018

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