Vendors & Exhibitors

Send us your inquiries about artist/independent vendor tables and exhibitor space by filling in the form below. Please note that we may need to see sample images or links to confirm that your items and/or services will be of interest to our attendees. Exhibitors and Vendors are encouraged to sell Sailor Moon themed items but can also sell other items that may be of interest to attendees of the event.

*This is a family friendly event! If you have any artwork with mature themes, please keep it concealed from the public and only show to specific patrons of an appropriate age on request*

Please make sure you mark as a safe sender as confirmations will be sent from that address.

Sponsorships are also available! Please email us to inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

Our Confirmed Guests for 2017:

Our Confirmed Exhibitors for 2017:

Our Confirmed Independent Vendors for 2017:

Confirmed Clubs & Other Organizations for 2017:

*Please note that more will be added to these lists as they are confirmed*

Exhibitor Pricing 2017 (Premium Space – Higher Traffic) [SOLD OUT – WAITLIST ONLY]:

  • $125 for an 8′ table with two chairs in an 8′ x 5′ space. Includes two passes.
  • $180 for a 10’x10′ booth with an 8′ table and two chairs. Includes two passes.

Artist/Independent Vendor Pricing 2017 (SOLD OUT – WAITLIST ONLY):

  • $40 for half of a 6′ table with one chair in a 3′ x 5′ space, includes one pass.
  • $80 for a full 6′ table with two chairs in a 6′ x 5′ space, includes two passes.

General Notes for Vendors and Exhibitors:

  • Professional businesses are not eligible for Independent Vendor space. We will notify you if you are only eligible for Exhibitor space.
  • Parking is discounted to $5 per vehicle.
  • Electrical is included on request. If not requested in advance, the hookup is not guaranteed to be available.
  • Freight elevator access is available. If access isn’t open during scheduled setup and dismantle times, please ask a staff member for help.
  • Please do not bring in additional tables or chairs without requesting clearance in advance. We reserve the right to ask for them to be removed and/or charge additional fees for them at our discretion. If you have any concerns about this, please email for more details.
  • Additional structures are permitted, but they must be secured within your space at all times. Structures may not block access to any other dealers.
  • All food vendors require liability insurance. Please ask for more details if interested.
  • Weapons are NOT allowed to be sold in the Science Centre. If you express intent to sell any weapons, your application will be denied. Any dealers found to be selling weapons  at the event risk losing their space without a refund.
  • Bootleg policy: knock offs of currently available official items (released in the last 5 years) will not be permitted. Bootleg violations can be reported anonymously to staff members. *this excludes hand made items that are noticeably different
  • Setup and dismantle times and details will be confirmed via email. Setup is typically 9am-11am, if you require earlier access please contact us and we can coordinate with the venue to accommodate as best as we can.
  • Payment is accepted via Paypal or etransfer online; cash or credit in person. All invoices and digital receipts will be sent via Paypal for easier tracking, even if you already have a paper receipt or a Square receipt.

Reserve Your Vendor/Exhibitor Space (Waitlist Only)

*Important: You MUST supply contact information (email preferred) or we will not be able to contact you. If you are not sure we got all your details, then e-mail us to follow up. You MUST also reply to the confirmation email to secure your reservation or you may lose your space to the next person in line.*

Refund policy: if you require a refund for any reason, there will be a processing fee incurred. Refunds must be requested a minimum of 2 weeks before the event date so that we have time to re-assign the space.

We make an effort to respond to all inquiries within 7 days. Closer to the event, we will be responding more frequently. If you don’t get a response at this time within 7 days, please e-mail us to follow up. Reservations will only be accepted via email or in person. Please do not send messages on Facebook to try to reserve space or ask questions about dealer space as they can be too easily missed.

Please also note that if space does not open up for 2017, you will be contacted for 2018 before space opens to the public. Please make sure to check your spam as we use a mailing service and it may not appear in your inbox.