Jelly Cosplay – Guest of Honour

Jelly is a master level cosplayer who found her passion of cosplay in 2001. She has crafted over 70 cosplays, including Sailor Mercury, Queen Beryl, and NoFlutter’s version of Sailor Venus, and brandishes several awards under her belt.

Over the years and with the release of Sailor Moon Crystal, Jelly’s love of Sailor Moon has continuously grown and she can’t wait to share her love of Sailor Moon with you again! We are proud to have her return as a Cosplay Guest of Honour for the second year in a row!

jelly_venus03 jelly_venus02 jelly_venus01

jelly_beryl02 jelly_beryl01

To see more of her cosplays, you can check out her Facebook fan page, follow her on Instagram, and follow her on Twitter.

The Sailor Venus photos are by Don Dolce Photography, and the Queen Beryl photos are by Kevin Chan Photography.