Phil Mizuno & Grey Cosplay – Guests of Honour

The talented Phil Mizuno and Grey Cosplay who make up the team Greyzuno will be joining us this year for the first time as cosplay guests of honour! They are even making Sailor Moon related costumes in time for this year’s event.


Phil Mizuno is an up and coming Canadian-native cosplayer, who followed his heart and is pursuing his passion to empower others through positivity and creativity. Phil has been cosplaying for just over 2 years, and currently lives and creates his cosplays in Toronto, Ontario.

Phil has been able to share his cosplay with people from all around the world. With a large following on his social media platforms and international appearances under his belt, he is able to connect and influence others from all corners of the earth. With his warming charisma and charm, he wants to help others become more comfortable with both the cosplay world and themselves.

Phil’s ultimate goal is to use his talent and presence to inspire others, and be a positive influence in the community.

To keep up with Phil’s cosplay on social media, you can check out his Facebook page, follow him on Instagram, follow him on Tumblr, or follow him on Twitter. You may also want to check out his website.


Grey is a Toronto based cosplayer who has been enjoying the art and the challenge of bringing his favourite characters to life for 4 years.  From anime and manga to video games and comics, Grey has dabbled in it all.

In addition to attending conventions in Toronto, Grey has attended and guested at conventions across North America. He has experience guesting, hosting and judging, meeting people at events and he is constantly learning and sharing experiences.
At the end of the day, cosplaying with a great group of friends that share in his passion for characters and art is what this is all about!

To keep of with Grey Cosplay on social media, you can check out his Facebook page, follow him on Instagram, or follow him on Twitter.


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