Sugar Lyn Beard – Guest of Honour

Sugar Lyn Beard was the second voice actress for the character of Rini who transformed into Sailor Minimoon in the original English dubs of Sailor Moon and played the majority of the episodes featuring the child of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask from the future. Sugar is known as an actress as well as a television and radio personality.

Her radio host persona on the Mad Dog and Billie morning show, formerly aired on Toronto radio station KISS 92.5, used the name “Suga BayBee.” She began appearing on KISS when she was 19 years old and it was one of her early positions in the entertainment industry. Her parody cover of “The Real Slim Shady” was called “The Real Sugar Baby” and become unexpectedly popular at the time. It is still fairly well known among her fans.

From 2001 to 2007, Sugar co-hosted and produced “The Zone” on YTV and hosted additional programs like Sugar & Avril: A Zone Special. She and Carlos, her co-host from “The Zone,” hosted a weekly hour-long program called Plugged In on the Corus Entertainment website (which is no longer active).

In her film and television live acting career, some of Sugar’s more notable recent roles were Susan in the 2011 film 50/50 and Fiona in two episodes of season 6 of Weeds. She also appeared in a couple episodes of The Red Green Show. Some of her recent projects include Baby Carrot in Sausage Party and Jeanie in the 2016 comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Some of her upcoming projects include The Disaster Artist staring James Franco and you can her her voice in the upcoming Dreamworks animated feature Captain Underpants.