International Sailor Moon Day

International Sailor Moon Day was founded in 2015 by Lisa Terlato. In 2017, management has been handed over to Emily Gonsalves, the con chair of Pretty Heroes & Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration.

International Sailor Moon day is a yearly celebration by fans of Sailor Moon. Organizers around the world try to run as many events as possibly on or near the chosen date for the year, to celebrate their love of Sailor Moon with fellow fans.

The official date for 2018 is Saturday, June 30th, 2018. Some events will be held earlier or later, depending on factors unique to each region.

The main purpose of International Sailor Moon Day is to celebrate the Sailor Moon franchise with other fans. This can range from online events, to casual meetups, or even conventions! All versions are welcome because the events are by fans, for fans.

International Sailor Moon Day Fan Run Events for 2018

North America

South America


If you would like to join the list of organizers for 2018, please fill in the application form below. Please note that, if approved, you will need to create a Facebook event page for your event and clearly indicate that it is an International Sailor Moon Day event and specify your city. All organizers are invited to a closed group for organizers, the link is sent via email. Past organizers are welcome to submit just the information required for the website listing via email if preferred.

Applications will be open until June 1st for 2018 events to be held in June. Approved events will be listed below as they are processed. If you are running an event at a later date, you must apply a minimum of 1 month in advance in order to receive approval for the listing. This is to ensure that you have adequate time for planning and promotion (and so you won’t lose money on renting a venue). Exceptions can be made if you can supply adequate proof that you will be able to run your event and promote it to those who may be interested in attending.

Organizers are permitted to charge admission to events to cover expenses. It is strongly recommended to re-invest any profits into your future ISMD or similar events or donate to charity. If you don’t follow these recommendations, please note that we cannot provide any legal assistance if there are any complaints from original license holders.

Please let us know if for any reason you need to cancel so that we can update this page accordingly.

Private events do not need to apply, but we also don’t list personal parties so you don’t get overwhelmed with people expecting a bigger event. You are more than welcome to have your own private party and celebrate with your friends. We recommend creating private event pages for those.

If you can’t see or use the embedded form, please use this link to fill in your application.

Rules for Organizers

  1. Plan an event that will be enjoyable for fans in your area that has a significant amount of Sailor Moon focused content.
  2. Choose a date that is practical for your area and suits the expectations of fans in your area (many fans for example seem to prefer events to be at a warm time of year so they can wear senshi cosplay comfortably).
  3. Don’t over-extend yourself, make sure that you plan an event that is practical for you to run (financially and logistically).
  4. Do not attack other organizers, particularly in the same area, or try to sabotage them. If you are having a problem with other organizers, please contact us via email to discuss options if you need help. If you are being harassed or otherwise having your rights infringed, please report to your local authorities. You can make an official statement regarding any larger issues with other organizers, but proceed with caution and be prepared to deal with the response (both positive and negative).
  5. Applications from criminals are most often denied. We do not permit any organizers to be on a sex offender registry. Other convicted offences would have to be examined on a case by case basis.
  6. There is no exclusivity over any city. If there is another organizer in your city, you can opt to plan an event together or you can plan separate events to occur on different days so that you can both see success.
  7. You are strongly encouraged to join the closed Facebook group for event organizers to share information, resources, and talk over ideas for your event.
  8. Please do not try to run an event because you think you can “get rich quick.” ISMD events are by fans, for fans. They are not meant to be a way for someone to make profits off fans for personal gain. New events are often unprofitable for years, it is uncommon to make a profit the first time. We recommend that you be prepared to lose money the first few times until you establish yourself, but try to budget so that losses are minimal.
  9. Cover your expenses as best as you can. This may mean taking donations or charging admission. You are in no way expected to pay for everything out of your own pocket or put yourself into debt. If you make a profit, we strongly recommend re-investing (making your events self-funded) or donating profits to charity. If you keep profits for personal gain, please note that you may be subject to scrutiny from official license holders (please get official legal counsel if you are considering this option).

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email.

Want to Look Back? Here Are Some Past Events

International Sailor Moon Day Fan Run Events for 2017

North America

South America